Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Warm Winter

I'm not too happy with this next piece as an illustration nor its composition, but I can say I've learned a pleasing amount through both the image's strengths and weaknesses. I've experimented a lot with design and composition with the painting, with great help from my friends Andrew Theophilopoulos and Nery "Ned" Mejicano III. There's simply too much to go through in terms of what I've taken away from this painting, but if I had to pick two elements I learned most about, I would choose composition and noise. 

Noise is a fairly new term I've learned over the past couple days, but from my understanding, the term simply represents the attention a certain area or element may draw from its handling. In essence, greater handling of noise helps develop a greater sense of rhythm. There is a trick however: noise is relative as much as any other element of the piece.

Composition is a very broad term, but something I know I have to wrestle with. I experimented with this recent piece but it wouldn't have been successful without great critique and suggestions from my peers and teachers. Simply put, I believe I need to improve with this.

Anyways, I hope you guys see some examples of what I've talked about in the piece. Enjoy.

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